Waialeia Valley, Kalawao, MolokaiSt. Philomena, Kalawao, Built by Father DamienFather Damien's grave next to St. Philomena Church The Makanalua Peninsula, with Kalawao on the far side and Kalaupapa in the foreground.
Father Damien . . .

“A Bit of Taro, A Piece of Fish,
and A Glass of Water”

A book about Father Damien, from the perspective of the people of Kalaupapa who knew him and worked alongside him.

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Published by the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity - All Proceeds go to IDEA

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This excellent book is an invaluable and unique contribution to our better understanding of Damien the man. It brings us much closer than any previous biography, to the reality of his life and those of the people he worked and ultimately died for. People affected by leprosy have so often been cruelly and unjustifiably banished and separated from their communities, and it is not surprising therefore, that their voices have largely been absent from written history. This book goes a long way to redressing this injustice, by ensuring that their words and their personal recollections can also illuminate the life and work of the simple Belgian priest who, 120 years after his death, still stands as a reminder of the need for compassion and justice in our society.

-- Doug Soutar, United Kingdom, General Secretary, International Federation of
Anti-Leprosy Associations

Since I was a boy my mother stressed how important my name was because I was named after Fr. Damien of Molokai. As a result I have spent my entire life studying Fr. Damien and more importantly trying to emulate him. Although there are countless resources available regarding his life, without question my favorite is, “Fr. Damien...”A bit of Taro, A bit of Fish, and A Glass of Water.” It is imperative when studying the life of Fr. Damien to not lose focus of his tireless efforts to see the dignity and therefore Jesus, in a every person he encountered that had leprosy. This book is a rare treasure as it captures the beautiful humanity of those whom Fr. Damien ministered to and more importantly considered family. Leprosy caused their initial was their unified humanity that has literally impacted the world. How wonderful that this book captures that which we should all emulate!

-- Damien Joseph O’Connor, Director of Pastoral Services, Diocese of
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Highest recommendation. The story of Father Damien of Molokai is well-known. He is truly a man for our times. This book provides a fresh look at Father Damien, incorporating comments and letters from native Hawaiians, most of them leprosy patients, and other contemporaries in Hawaii of Father Damien. Most of this information was originally written in the Hawaiian language, and thus overlooked by previous biographers who concentrated on more “official” sources. The day-to-day life, the gritty humanity and the constant holiness of the man is revealed in these accounts.

-- Patrick J. Boland, Hawaii