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Ioana Miscov

Ioana Miscov as a young girl. Courtesy Ioana Miscov


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I was born here. I was born in 1945. My mother is from a family where there were four children. My mother was the oldest. They found out she had leprosy at 11. Her sister, the fourth child, was also ill. The two in the middle were healthy . . . . I stayed here for the first 13 years of my life . . . . They usually wanted to send children away to relatives. I didn’t have relatives . . . . I’ve been here for all of January. I come here and I stay a week with my mother and then I go for two weeks . . .

-- Domnica, the daughter of Ioana Miscov. Excerpt from oral history conducted by Anwei Law. Domnica spends part of each month in her mother’s home at Tichilesti. Translation from Romanian by Jon Brodal.

Ioana Miscov (right), resident of Tichilesti Hospital, Romania, with her daughter, Domnica. Photo by Henry Law