Sonia Schreiber Weitz"I Promised I Would Tell"

Born in Krakow, Poland, Sonia Weitz, Holocaust educator and survivor of five concentration camps, is often called “A survivor with a poet’s eye.”  Sonia was 11 years old when her family and other Polish Jews were herded into ghettos and forced to live in treacherous conditions that often led to death.  Of the 84 members of her family, Sonia and her sister Blanca were the sole survivors.  To help cope with her emotions, Sonia turned to writing poetry at an early age.  Author of I Promised I Would Tell, her personal testimony of the Holocaust, Sonia is committed to preserving the uniqueness of the Holocaust, while at the same time keeping alive universal questions of obedience, racism, responsibility and justice so that history will not repeat itself.  Sonia is an active member of the Speakers’ Bureau of Facing History and Ourselves and in 1981 she founded the Holocaust Center of the North Shore Jewish Federation in Peabody, Massachusetts.



I come from an age of darkness when my people – even the children – were condemned to torture and death for no other reason than because they were Jewish . . . . A tragedy of such overwhelming dimension creates an uncommon opportunity to explore, to question, to challenge, and hopefully to learn.  Lessons and parallels . . . . Learning to be human?  Just what have we learned?

                    -- Sonia Schreiber Weitz