IDEA  International Women's Conference Seneca Falls, New York

Opening Ceremony:  Lian Law, Darikka Scollard and Nicole Holmes, read “I Will Join My Sisters From All Over the World, Because I Wish to Live.  Fully.”  Lizzie Watts, Acting Superintendent, Women’s Rights NHP, and Magdalena Ramirez, IDEA USA , look on.


Following the Opening Ceremony at Women’s Rights National Historical Park

Participants from the United States enter the Wesleyan Chapel, Women’s Rights NHP, as part of the Opening Ceremony.  


Uche ‘M. Ekekezie after the Opening Ceremony

Victoria Bolade Akinyemi (Nigeria) Beatrice Ntowah and Grace Akandoh (Ghana), and Uche ‘M. Ekekezie (Nigeria) at the Water Wall, Women’s Rights National Historical Park which displays the Declaration of Sentiments adopted at the First Women’s Rights Convention in 1848.


Visitor Center lobby with statues of first convention participants, Women's Rights NHP

Carlien Bruining-Westerveld and Helene Van Pardo (Suriname) visit Women’s Rights NHP.  


Grace Akandoh, Beatrice Ntowah ( Ghana ) join Nicole Holmes (USA) and Ayako Yaegashi ( Japan ) at Women’s Rights NHP.


Procession following the Opening Ceremony to place flowers at the Water Wall,   in memory of the women and men who recognized that women’s rights are human rights. 

Yashoda Jirel from Nepal


Elizabeth Shepherd, an Actress from Canada , whose father, a Methodist missionary, contracted leprosy in the 1940’s. 

 Conference participants visit a local winery in Seneca Falls .


Mieko and Miyoji Morimoto ( Japan ), with Amish children in Seneca Falls.

Hee Ja Choe, speaks about the situation facing women in Korea , with Hong Sun Woo as her interpreter.


Yang Qian Mei, discusses her experiences with leprosy in China , with Dr. Michael Chen as her interpreter.

Grace Akandoh and Beatrice Ntowah (Ghana) meet Pauline Copes-Johnson, great grand-niece of Harriet Tubman, at the Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn , NY .  Harriet Tubman’s ancestors were from Ghana.


Marilyn Bero, President of the Board of Directors, National Women’s Hall of Fame, welcomes participants to the Hall.

Valerie Monson shares memories of people from Kalaupapa , Hawaii , in the “Wreath of Memory” at the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity.  

Helene Van Pardo, Marion Wester and Carlien Bruining-Westerveld share information about Suriname with students at the IDEA Center .

Beatrice Ntowah and Grace Akandoh (Ghana ) teach traditional songs to students from Seneca Falls Middle School at the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity.


Students from Seneca Falls Middle School at the newly established IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity in Seneca Falls .

Miyoji Morimoto, Yasuji Hirasawa and Ryohei Shibata sing a song in Japanese for students visiting the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity.


Cathrine Puahala (center) and Elaine Remigio (left) from Hawaii , with students and other conference participants at the IDEA Center .