Economic Empowerment 



"For many of the men and women affected by leprosy, simply overcoming the infection is not sufficient to allow a straightforward return to their previous lifestyle. The cure for leprosy remains incomplete until the people affected regain the social and economic status that allows a dignified life.”

Dr. P.K. Gopal, India, IDEA‘s President for International Relations


Inside the room of the Precious Etuokwu at Ossiomo Settlement, plans are made for Cecilia Osaghae (far right) to start fishing trading.  This very enterprising middle-aged mother of seven is highly motivated and now selling her eighth supply of fish.  She no longer goes to the road to beg and has opened a savings account for herself in a nearby bank.  Uche 'M Ekekezie, IDEA's Coordinator for Nigeria, is in the center of the photograph with a child in her lap. 

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