Jane Cook Receives the Annual George Bailey Award From Karolyn Grimes Karolyn Grimes  "ZuZu" presents the George Baily Award to Jane Cook at the Idea Center Lian Law with Sonia Schreiber Weitz, recipient of the Voices of Humanity AwardLotus  Flower Photo by Mr. Kato of Japan School group Lotus Flower Photo by Mr. Kato of Japan Students experiencing Quest for Dignity Exhibit Organization of Teachers vistit The Center

Beatrice Ntowah and Grace Akandoh, IDEA Ghana, share cultural traditions with Seneca Falls students at the IDEA Center. Photo by Henry Law
Elvir Camdzic and 8-year-old Seneca Falls student Sara Sands join together in the “Ride Against Genocide” Photo by Henry Law
The IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity is an international resource center on stigma, identity, and human rights. Seneca Falls, New York, was chosen as the permanent location for the IDEA Center as well as for the International Offices of IDEA because of its power of place, which emanates from the area’s 150-year tradition of advocating for universal human rights, including the women’s rights and antislavery movements.

The Center’s gallery displays photographs, quotations, poetry and art that reveal the wisdom and creativity that so often emerge from individuals who have experienced personal tragedy, social injustice and attempts to crush the human spirit.

The Center’s library includes a large number of personal narratives of individuals who have confronted social injustice, survived attempts to rob them of their humanity, and created an awareness of the dangers of apathy and indifference. Publications, conferences and student opportunities complete the Center’s activities, designed to utilize the wisdom of the voices of humanity to promote the peace that comes through the understanding, respect and appreciation of diversity.

As a pathway of hope, the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity vividly illustrates that, although you cannot always control what happens in life, you can choose how you will respond.

Leaping Over the Gulfs That Separate
Here we are, definitively and definitely, together leaping over the gulfs that separate, building hopes, zooming in from the global to the personal, creating goals and hopes, giving others and ourselves the positive experience of freedom from prejudice.

-- Ymelda Beauchamp, IDEA, USA

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IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity

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The IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity

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Leaping Over the Gulfs That Seperate

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