Lotus  Flower Photo by Mr. Kato of JapanSchool group Lotus Flower Photo by Mr. Kato of JapanStudents experiencing Quest for Dignity ExhibitOrganization of Teachers vistit The Center Jane Cook Receives the Annual George Bailey Award From Karolyn Grimes Karolyn Grimes  "ZuZu" presents the George Baily Award to Jane Cook at the Idea Center Lian Law with Sonia Schreiber Weitz, recipient of the Voices of Humanity Award

Voice of America journalists from Afghanistan, India, and Indonesia videotape interviews at the IDEA Center. Photo by Henry Law
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IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity

Seneca Falls, New York

The IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity

The Quest For Dignity Exhibit

Leaping Over the Gulfs That Seperate

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Visitors to the IDEA Center for the Voices of Humanity

May The Rainbow Always Touch Your Sholder


Sister Amber Rudd, Salt Lake City, with Sister Eria Yoshino, Japan. Photo by Henry Law
Jeremy Ruddor, Cape Town, South Africa, with a friend from Australia in front of a panel that discusses the isolation of people affected by leprosy on remote islands, including Robben Island, which can be seen from Cape Town. Photo by Henry Law
It is more important for me to understand other people, than for them to understand me. Because by understanding others, I can learn to better understand myself.

--Tokio Nishimura, IDEA, Japan

Sister Roseanne La Manche and Sister Blanche Marie Messier, Syracuse, New York, outside the IDEA Center. Photo by Henry Law
The message is so great, there are so many shades, that I feel happy as I see the sun dry off the leaves moistened by the tears of the guardian of the dawn. The beauty of everything I see withdraws a sigh and a wide smile of hope from within my soul.

-- Antonio Borges, Jr.,

We used to say that if society changes, we will be able to change. We should discard this attitude and adopt the belief that society will change because We Ourselves Change. Let us believe this and make our lives rich and rewarding.

-- Miyoji Morimoto, IDEA, Japan